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Revolutionizing the Workforce

We are revolutionizing the landscape of work by adopting a skills-based approach to connect individuals with opportunities.

Our cutting-edge AI platform surpasses traditional talent acquisition by actively connecting individuals with opportunities through skill-focused profiling and analytics. From seamless talent management to career advancement with actionable insights, we provide a holistic solution that prioritizes each individual's unique capabilities and competencies. A more efficient and effective approach to identifying, developing, and leveraging talent, where skills are the driving force behind success in the ever-evolving workplace.



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Fueled by a decade of workforce development in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies, colleges, universities & government organizations.

Powerful solutions for connecting people and opportunity
at school, at work and within a community.

AI for the Next Generation Workforce

We're shaking things up in the work world by focusing on what really matters – skills. Our smart platform goes above and beyond to help students and employees connect the right skills with the right opportunities. We make it easy, breaking down the whole talent game with skill-based profiles and insights. No more guesswork – from managing talent to helping them realize their full potential. We're all about making the workforce stronger through access to career pathways and supercharging skills and abilities.




For developing your workforce and empowering your people.

Through our work with STEMconnector and leading Fortune 100 companies, we have developed a wealth of resources to help you empower your team and build a robust workforce.

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