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A comprehensive solution for universities, supporting student and alumni engagement
throughout their academic and professional journeys.

  • Advanced AI connects students to internships, gigs, TA positions, and post-graduation jobs, enhancing their experience with alumni mentorship.
  • Alumni benefit from a secure network for mentoring and professional networking.
  • Global map feature fosters connections with alumni worldwide, creating a lifelong community for students and graduates.

Student Profiles

A record of skills and experience from college and beyond.

Maintaining a personal profile of skills and experiences in college is crucial for students entering the job market. PodEducation profiles represent a student's capabilities, informing curriculum, job opportunities, and internships. Students can target skill development, stand out to employers, and transition successfully to the professional world.

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Career Exploration

Our next-gen platform is designed to give students equitable access to the people and opportunities they need to thrive throughout their academic journey and beyond.

  • Interactive opportunity exploration maps
  • Robust student profiles
  • Career pathway mapping
  • Upskilling recommendation engine
  • Access to networking groups and communities: Alumni, Mentors, Employers, and Associations

Alumni Network

Connecting college students and alumni creates a supportive educational community, fostering mentorship and enhancing the overall college experience. PodEducation creates a network spanning generations. Colleges not only contribute to the personal and professional development of their students but also tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience that alumni bring, enriching the educational journey and increasing the likelihood of post-graduation success.




Women in STEM Education Network

The WiSEN (Women in STEM Education Network) initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), represents a pioneering venture led by Washington State University Tri-Cities and in strategic partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Gonzaga University, and the University of Montana. WiSEN's vision is to transform the landscape of support for minoritized women in STEM disciplines by creating an expansive co-mentoring network. This initiative effectively erases geographical barriers, fostering a vibrant connection among students from across four distinguished universities within the United States.

At the heart of WiSEN's approach is the Pod, a cutting-edge technology platform that forms the cornerstone of mentor-mentee relationships. Pod facilitates the initial introduction between mentors and mentees, fostering ongoing communication and collaboration within its framework. The Pod's scalable architecture is not just robust but also flexible, ensuring that as WiSEN grows, the platform will seamlessly integrate additional universities, colleges, and various other entities. This forward-thinking technology promises a sustainable, expansive future for the network, ensuring that WiSEN's impact on the STEM landscape continues to deepen and broaden.



and Pod Career Maps

In 2023, Edlio, a leader in K-12 school technology solutions serving over 17,000 schools across North America, expanded its offerings by integrating Pods' Career Maps into its award-winning school CMS. This collaboration enables all Edlio clients to enhance their digital presence with a seamless, integrated career site, further enriching their communication and engagement with communities.