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Cultivate a highly skilled, career-focused workforce: Uncover the vital connection between skills and career paths within your team, guiding efforts in upskilling and reskilling, and strategically identifying talent for a future-ready organization. Pod's mobile-optimized platform revolutionizes how you present job opportunities, career paths, and training options to both current and potential employees, nurturing a culture of internal growth and mobility. Our platform's AI-driven career exploration tool customizes the journey for your employees, aligning their career goals with your organization's needs. This strategic alignment not only retains top talent but also unlocks their full potential within your company.



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Talent Matching
  • Make the most of your existing candidate pool by identifying qualified candidates in minutes
  • Upload and integrate profiles from multiple sources
  • Sort and filter candidate profiles to quickly identify the best fit for your job openings
  • Access detailed insights into current and prospective hires' skills, experiences, and qualifications
  • Make informed hiring decisions that align with your strategic goals

Candidate Match
Career Exploration
  • Mobile-native app so candidates have an exceptional experience, wherever they may be
  • Custom, targeted job maps with the ability to segment by recruiting partners, business units, and more
  • Pay and career progression displays to build trust with current and future employees
  • Career pathways and roadmaps for current employees to foster upward mobility
  • Brand and employee stories to promote company culture
  • Optional data capture capability 
  • Easy integration with internal and external data sources
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MyPath Employee Profiles

By understanding skills, aspirations, and potential of their workforce, companies can strategically deploy talent and achieve better ROI through sustained productivity and organizational growth.

Our robust employee profiles are essential for understanding and effectively managing the internal talent base for companies aiming to optimize their return on investment (ROI) and ensure long-term success. 

Deloitte reports organizations that invest in comprehensive talent management practices experience 26% higher revenue per employee. Identifying and nurturing internal talent not only reduces recruitment costs but also enhances employee retention. 


Organizations that invest in comprehensive talent management practices
experience 26% higher revenue per employee.


Internal Mobility & Upskilling

Career exploration powered by AI provides career opportunities with insight on pathways to upward mobility and bridging skills gaps. Employers offering upskilling opportunities to their employees play a crucial role in staying competitive. By 2025, 50% of employees will need reskilling due to technological advancements. Upskilling not only adapts employees to industry changes but also boosts organizational success. Companies investing in training enjoy a 24% higher profit margin. 94% of employees prefer companies that invest in their career development. Upskilling fosters a culture of continuous learning for agile and resilient businesses.

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Geo-focused Recruitment Marketing

Utilize the power of geo-targeting and geofencing technology to launch a highly focused recruitment campaign aimed at reaching your desired audience. Geofencing is a strategic marketing tactic that leverages location-based technology to connect with potential candidates in specific physical locations, whether it's a college campus, a workplace, or a special event. By setting up virtual boundaries around key areas, you can effectively deliver targeted ads to mobile devices including display ads, native ads, gifs, videos, audio ads, digital billboards, connected TV ads, and digital-out-of-home ads.



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