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Million Women Mentors (MWM) is a global leader dedicated to empowering women in their professional journeys. Despite progress, women still face barriers in the workforce, with low representation in leadership and high-paying roles. MWM, founded in 2013, has facilitated over 2 million mentoring relationships worldwide, highlighting the impact of mentorship in overcoming obstacles. Partnering with businesses, educational institutions, volunteers, and NGOs, MWM promotes diversity and success for women across all fields.

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In a strategic partnership with the United States Department of State and leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Pod technology platform, the Alliance for Afghan Women’s Economic Resilience (AWER) has taken the lead in initiating the first of three groundbreaking global initiatives.These initiatives are united by a common mission to empower girls and women in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India through specialized mentoring programs.

“I am happy having a mentor who has been through the journey - I feel like I need someone to guide me. Therefore, thanks a million for providing the opportunity for me and so many others like me.”


The Million Women Mentors Initiative for Afghan Women and Girls (MWMA) aims to secure one million mentorship commitments by 2027, both domestically and internationally. Launched by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in 2022, MWMA is a key part of the AWER partnership between the U.S. Department of State and Boston University. Through mentorship, MWMA seeks to promote economic resilience and personal development for Afghan women and girls.

Corporate entities are invited to contribute to this transformative cause by pledging mentorship support for Afghan girls and women. Leading by example, Deloitte has stepped forward as a primary business sponsor for the initiative within Afghanistan, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility. Deloitte US is part of the world’s largest professional services network with more than 171,000 professionals.

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For more information on the MWM initiative for Afghan Women and Girls, contact the State Department.